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As experts in Digital Strategy, Experience Design, Software Development, Systems Integration and Managed Services, we solve complex business and user problems for our customers.

Kick-start yourinitiative

Getting started can be the hardest part of solving any problem. Concentrix Tigerspike Catalyst helps kick-start your projects by rapidly aligning stakeholders and delivering the outputs you need to drive the initiative forward.

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What we can help with:

Catalyst Ignition Session

An interactive workshop that builds alignment around a specific business problem, the users, goals and technology.

Catalyst Ignition Sprint

A short UX, design or technology sprint that is focused on producing only the outputs you need.

Self Service Kickstart

We can help you to understand and validate what you can do to reduce low value call volumes with self service.

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Create an experienceusers love

We have expertise across all phases of the product development lifecycle and can work with you to deliver part or all of the solution, including; Digital Strategy, Experience Design, Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Managed Services.

Engineering, engineers, team, scaling up

What we can help with:

Identifying your current business problems, prioritising them in order of importance then creating an actionable roadmap.

We call thisBusiness Discovery

Looking at a specific business problem and defining the solution.

We call thisExperience Definition

Creating a detailed design for the solution then executing on the development, systems integration and testing.

We call thisDesign & Build

Maintaining, supporting, analysing and enhancing the solution over time.

We call thisManaged Services

Focus in

Our global team of experts can help you answer specific questions such as "How well do we know our end users?", "Will this technology work?" and "How can we improve our existing experience?"

What we can help with:

Identifying ways to improve an existing experience.

We call thisProduct Review

Testing an idea with users or proving out a particular technology

We call thisProof of Concept

Helping you learn more about your users, competitors or the market

We call thisResearch

Empoweringyour people

Our senior leaders are skilled at helping organisations build world class internal teams, establishing best practices, governance and processes.

What we can help with:

Identifying skills gaps in current teams

Defining innovation and discipline specific team structures

Standing up innovation teams

Agile coaching

Establishing best practice processes and governance frameworks for design, engineering and testing

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