Youth off the Streets is a Not for Profit organisation working with young people who are homeless, drug dependent and recovering from abuse. Youth off the Streets has helped over 70,000 youths across New South Wales over the last 25 years.

Business Need

Youth off the Streets had a paper-based enrolment, transfer and exit processes for students, which involved slow processing, multiple administrative staff and vast amounts of space used for the storage of files.

As a result the paper based system was too large to organise. Locating non-centralised student files across the state was also a timely and inefficient process.


An Experience Definition was undertaken to get a thorough understanding of the current process and the inefficiencies, to uncover where digital could be leveraged. Concentrix Tigerspike then built an intuitive website which digitises the whole process allowing for easy search and tagging.


The solution provides a centralised, single source of truth for student files. Making it easier to locate documents and complete mandatory government reporting through search and filter features.

The new system has been rolled out to multiple centres initially and will be available to all centres in 2018 delivering an estimated time saving of 1 day per week for administrative staff during enrolment and transfer periods.