The Department of Transport plans, builds and operates an integrated, sustainable and safe transport system for Australia’s fastest-growing state, Victoria.

Business Need

Over two million journeys are taken on Victoria's public transport system each day. An interconnected network boasting over 3,000 trains, trams and buses operating between 28,000 stations and stops needs to meet the demands of over 600 million yearly passengers - in the ever-changing fabric of external circumstances.The DoT requires a robust infrastructure the can provide real-time public transport data to numerous services and the millions of passengers throughout the state of Victoria.


Concentrix Tigerspike set out to develop an architecture that consists of multiple counterparts working together in unison, namely .NET REST Web APIs, Node.js container services and a multi-layer database repository system tuned for performance and the needs of several upstream providers and downstream consumers. The team then turned their focus to develop the Bus Tracking System (BTS) technology which leverages existing onboard GPS and communications equipment to provide real-time updates on bus locations to the DoT customer channels.


Chronos is the outcome of a close partnership between the DoT and Concentrix Tigerspike. This partnership has resulted in a truly innovative and highly complex mission-critical cloud-hosted middleware and services which underpin the information flow from upstream and internal systems to the traveling public across multiple channels.  Chronos processes real-time data feeds from Tram, Train, and Bus operations to power the DoT's website used by 1.7 million users every month, native mobile applications used by 714,000 users each month and many hundreds of Passenger Information Display (PID) units located around the network.