VicRoads is the statutory road and traffic authority for the state of Victoria, Australia. Victoria has a population of over 6 million people and VicRoads is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the arterial road network, as well as driver licensing and vehicle registration.

Business Need

More than 350 young drivers aged 18 – 25 have lost their lives in Victoria in the last 10 years – representing 25% of driver lives lost in Victoria in this period.

In order to better prepare drivers, the state government introduced a mandatory minimum of 120 hours of driving experience under supervision.

Today, these hours are tracked in a paper log book and learners and supervising drivers currently learn about safety driving through another physical book. This comes at significant operational cost to VicRoads and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as well as being open to manipulation by learner drivers.


Concentrix Tigerspike partnered with Telstra, alongside VicRoads and the Transport Accident Commission, over an 11 month Design & Build project to deliver the VicRoads myLearners apps.

Our engagement began with a co-design phase, consisting of user research and an analysis of the technical landscape to help define the solution prior to build.

We then undertook a continuous discovery and design approach throughout the development phase, building native iOS and Android mobile applications, as well as the supporting .NET Core API layer hosted in Amazon Web Services.


The VicRoads myLearners mobile applications allow learners to log all their drives on their phone, while capturing valuable data that will inform future road safety policy.

Road safety content is delivered through the app in conjunction with a dedicated website, specifically tailored to the driver’s level of experience on the road. Ultimately this means drivers will be safer on the roads once they get their full license.

“This app will make it easier for learner drivers, parents and supervisors to track and manage a learner’s driving hours and teach them safe driving behaviours from the moment they get their learner permit.”

          Luke Donnellan, Minister for Roads and Safety