Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. Ltd (Tokio Marine Nichido) is a leading company which provides non-life insurance products in Japan. Concentrix Tigerspike has agreed to provide continuous and comprehensive support to Tokio Marine Nichido in the area of UX design, with the intention of accelerating innovation using digital technology.

Business Challenge

In an attempt to raise health awareness for customers, Tokio Marine Nichido saw an opportunity to collaborate with a national research organisation that had developed an algorithm which predicts the likelihood of developing lifestyle-related diseases. The algorithm itself is public information, hence it was imperative to find a way to attract and engage users from registration to displaying results. The project required strong design capabilities and the ability to analyse feasibility from both a technical and algorithmic point of view in a short period of time.


Clearly defining the target users was the first step before conducting a thorough investigation of their challenges. Concentrix Tigerspike then worked with stakeholders to generate ideas for service values. These ideas were analysed from the perspective of the business, user benefits and technical feasibility.


We successfully delivered a solution designed to visualise complex data in an understandable way. The result provided a meaningful interaction between insurance sales agents and existing customers, improving their shared experience in discussing health and future life plans as a result. Rated highly by Tokio Marine Nichido, the solution was launched as a website 5 weeks after the start the project.