With 23 million card members and affiliated merchants across the country, Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company, Limited is a leader in the Japanese credit card industry. The company aims to actively contribute to the realization of comfortable and affluent consumer lifestyles and make further dramatic advances as a leading brand in its industry sector.

Business Challenge

Over the last 3 years the number of FITs, or Foreign Independent Travellers, visiting Japan has increased dramatically; there were 1.7 million tourists in December 2015 alone. Leveraging their network of affiliated shops across the country, SMCC's goal was to explore digital concepts that improve the travel experience.


Concentrix Tigerspike worked with stakeholders of SMCC's internet business division. In 3 weeks, through a Rapid Design Visualization process, the team created customer journey maps, a minimum "lovable" product concept and key screen designs.


The rapid implementation of a creative process was received well within SMCC and lead quickly to product launch. The solution, dubbed “JOURNEY of JAPAN”, is a multilingual digital assistant that caters to wayfinding and improving travel experience in both online and offline mode.