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Public Transport Victoria is responsible for providing, coordinating and promoting public transport in the State of Victoria.

Business Challenge

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) is charged with optimising the movement of millions of people around Victoria each day. As such, they needed a solid development partner to rely on to deliver this information on a digital platform.


Concentrix Tigerspike were approached to takeover the iPhone app while building the iPad and Android applications. We were tasked with increasing functionality and improving trust in the brand.


Concentrix Tigerspike developed both the iPad and Android applications, and expanded the functionality of the iPhone app. The apps delivered PTV customers informative and useful information while positioning Transport Victoria at the forefront of innovation within the transport industry.

A scalable and cost efficient AWS EC2 based environment that handles an average daily load of 6.5K RPM and is the gateway to all of PTVs timetable data. Fully embracing the infrastructure as code principal PTV is able to make high risk deployments easier and safer by employing a Blue/Green environment model.