Nikkei Inc. is a Japanese news media business whose goal is to achieve global growth through high-quality journalism. Understanding that digital transformation is key to survival in today’s world, Nikkei continues to develop new ways of reporting using artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality to deliver news video, audio and graphics across multiple digital channels.

Business Need

Recognizing that digital transformation (DX) is critical to capturing market share and growing a business, Nikkei wanted to support the career development of individual DX experts and help businesses seeking digital transformation talent by creating a platform that matches the two. To do so required assessing the needs of each and developing a solution that would bring value to both companies and DX experts.


Concentrix Tigerspike collaborated with the Nikkei Inc.’s DX Promotion Office New Business Group to define the ideal user experience for businesses and DX experts. We studied user behaviour and analyzed qualitative data obtained from user research to determine the best approach to identifying opportunities to create new services.

Using a design thinking approach and key findings obtained from user research, we identified areas of opportunity, conducted ideation workshops and prioritized ideas based on the anticipated value. We then developed a proof of concept for a new skill sharing service, defined a roadmap and use cases, and created a visual that portrays the user experience.


In November 2020, Nikkei Inc. released the skill sharing platform, "NIKKEI SEEKS," which was designed to match companies with DX talent best suited to lead their digital transformation projects.

In a short period of time, Nikkei launched NIKKEI SEEKS to support the career development of businesspeople using Nikkei ID. As a company that develops and makes full use of technology, Nikkei plans to evolve this service, so we can continue to add value to our readers’ businesses and lives.

Mr. Yu Tsukahara, Product Manager, New Business Group, DX Promotion Office, Nikkei Inc.