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Sonder Communications help businesses create new revenue streams by leveraging the value in their own assets and audiences.

Business Challenge

The founders of Sonder Communications identified an opportunity to develop a new online tool for Marketers to use to measure their company's latest media asset value (MAV), without providing full consultancy services.


An eight-week agile development project, the Concentrix Tigerspike Team spent the first two weeks conducting some user interviews, a short branding exercise, building out wireframes and designs. While researching and designing, Concentrix Tigerspike developed the algorithm; and then moved on to the UI and development to ensure efficiency.

Outcome uses the algorithm developed by Concentrix Tigerspike to give users a dollar value of their media assets based on questions about their business and assets they have. A detailed report is then produced with insights and recommendations on how they could get more value. There is a free trial with limited functionality, as well as two different package types depending on the business need. Payments are gathered from end users using Braintree and the entire application is delivered to market using Amazon Web Services.