Business Need

Kaiser Permanente (KP) has 500 Sales and Account Managers who are responsible for engaging with and selling to existing customers and prospects. The team was using paper-based presentations and laptops as their primary sales aids. The process involved in preparing, executing and sharing presentations was not conducive to an effective or efficient sales interaction. Kaiser Permanente wanted to leverage iPads as the new primary sales aid and requested Concentrix Tigerspike's assistance in defining, designing and developing an interactive sales application.


Concentrix Tigerspike embarked on Digital Discovery, Design and Development phases working closely with KP's Mobility Centre of Excellence and Sales and Account Management business owners to understand the activities involved in the sales lifecycle. Clear wins were identified to support remote sales teams through easier access to content and on the go capability to build and deliver professional presentations. Teams were currently spending hours behind their desks compiling content from multiple sources and preparing for sales calls. iPads were to be rolled out across the sales teams, so it was essential that sales teams could use these effectively in the field.


KP Nimble is being rolled out across the sales teams and used in the field. The combination of Box, iPads and Nimble enables the sales force at KP to have access to content on the go along with giving them the ability to quickly mashup a custom deck to support their sales activities. Feedback has been very positive in relation to the experience for both KP reps and customers. KP are embracing enterprise mobility to stay ahead of the competition by keeping employees focused on high-value activities.