Gulliver Logo

Formerly known as Gulliver International, IDOM Inc. is Japan’s largest buyer and seller of used cars since 1994. Their objective is to create the world’s largest car sales infrastructure.

Business Challenge

While 70% of customers searched for car information online, more than 90% insisted on face-to-face purchase; IDOM Inc.'s challenge was to look for a solution that integrated digital tools and real world interactions. With the rise in popularity of chat apps and social interaction becoming second nature, IDOM Inc. was interested to tap into this behavior in order to break away from its outdated business model.


Concentrix Tigerspike worked in close collaboration with Gulliver’s marketing team. Through workshops and interviews which took place over a period of four months, the team created a web-based chat application where potential customers can have casual conversations with Gulliver’s sales personnel, as well as develop the UX concept for their mobile website.


Kuruma Connect, a no-strings-attached chat platform, allows customers to ask questions with no commitment to making a purchase. This new channel of communication with customers allowed sales personnel to make personal and appropriate car recommendations, resulting in doubling the conversion rate compared to their previous business model.