Business Challenge

When Emirates Airline recognized the impact that personal media was having on their customers' travel experience, and the opportunity that mobility could have on organizational objectives, Concentrix Tigerspike were engaged.


Focus areas have included:

New products

UX/UI and native applications for iPad and iPhone, plus development for the Android app.

Emirates Devices UI - Square
Emirates Code

Product Enhancement

Optimization of user experience for and native products to drive KPI's.


Project management/SCRUM coaching, setting strategic roadmaps, KPI-mapping and trend workshops.

Emirates Map


Solution architecture, WCAG AA accessibility compliance delivered by our local compliance experts and engineering teams from Sydney, Singapore and Melbourne offices.

Emirates Parallax Logo
Emirates Parallax Logo


What initially began in 2012 as a remit for a team of four to design the user experience for the Emirates App for iPad, has since expanded into a multi-tiered program of delivery across channels (mobile, web and wearables) by a high-performing team of professionals.

Today, our embedded specialists support Emirates’ digital product teams with product strategy, UX/UI design, web and app development. But it’s not only the products which are being impacted; it’s through Concentrix Tigerspike’s finely-tuned processes that Emirates have found a particular value, supporting the transformation into a customer-centric travel company.