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The NSW Department of Community and Justice (DCJ), previously known as Family and Community Services,  is one of the largest providers of government housing in the world, managing over 130,000 properties for individuals, children and families who need support and stability.

Business Need

DCJ identified that government housing tenants and potential tenants had limited access to the information they need to make informed decisions when planning or handling their housing needs. Ultimately there was a need to empower tenants to make informed decisions about their housing situation and manage their needs by providing easy and streamlined access to key information and services. Through self-service and the reduction of manual processes, the client service staff now have more time to focus on complex cases.


The project brought together DCJ and Telstra and Concentrix Tigerspike. By combining innovative and emerging technologies with user-centred design practices, we delivered customised, fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver a positive experience for tenants seeking housing assistance. Aligning with the NSW Premier's Priorities to put the customer at the centre of everything it does. Our user-centric agile approach brought together a range of industry experts to design and build an experience that benefits some of the most disadvantaged members of society. The MyHousing solution consists of custom native iOS and Android applications and through agile coaching we helped transform the way DCJ Housing delivers technology. The simplicity and seamless performance of the application is all driven out of the AWS middleware that integrates core business systems. Including a variety of tools while maintaining a key focus on security, and utilising both automatic horizontal scaling as well as push button vertical scaling.


The positive difference these Apps are making is reflected by the average rating on App stores currently being 4.8 out of 5. Through catering to tenants and applicants, providing access to critical services for those in need we have seen significant uptake of the Apps during the COVID19 Pandemic. Designing fit for purpose solutions, with quality and co-design principles at the core of the program has meant that tenants are beginning to move from traditional to digital channels. The MyHousing solution reduces the need to call the Housing Contact Centre and people no longer need to wait in line at a local office with most transactions now being available as self-serve via the apps, available 24/7/365 days a year. On top of providing tenants with self service, the apps reduce administrative overhead allowing staff to focus more time solving complex cases and building stronger relationships with tenants in need.


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