Over 25 years’ expertise across travel experiences, loyalty, insurance and assistance have made Collinson a global leader in driving customer devotion, working alongside the world’s leading payment networks, 600+ banks, 90+ airlines and many of the world’s largest hotel groups. Collinson operates Priority Pass, launched in 1992, which enables millions of choice-rich, digitally connected travellers worldwide to make the most of their time when travelling, through seamless access to over 1200 independent airport lounges and a range of other travel experiences.

Business Need

To ensure that Priority Pass maintained its market position as the world's leading airport lounge access program, Collinson identified the need to immediately improve the mobile experience for their members on iOS and Android through a scalable platform that would help them to remain competitive, being able to add market-first features in a short space of time.


Concentrix Tigerspike used its Experience Definition process to work collaboratively with Collinson, developing a strategy and prioritized roadmap to first re-launch the Priority Pass app with higher performing and more engaging key features and then to deliver rapid, incremental updates on an ongoing basis. A sophisticated new technical architecture for the app was created to allow for ease of adding new, innovative features, whilst a regular focus on user experience was maintained to ensure that all new functionality was led by user needs, not technology capabilities.


Concentrix Tigerspike delivered refreshed, user-centric apps that have immediately improved user engagement and advocacy. The most common and important tasks to users, such as finding an appropriate airport lounge for their journey, have been streamlined so that they can be completed in the shortest time possible whilst delivering the most valuable information to the end user. Due to the new application architecture and delivery processes, it's now also possible for Collinson to research, design and deliver new features for the apps to their respective stores in a matter of weeks.