360 Health & Performance helps individuals take charge of their physical and mental wellbeing by providing a personalised and preventative approach, underpinned by cutting-edge science from evidence-based medicine.

Business Need

360 Health & Performance set Concentrix Tigerspike the task of creating a solution that would proactively support individuals on their preventative health journey. Supporting users’ health and wellbeing objectives while complimenting the wider programme of services provided to 360 clients, was key to the success of the solution. To meet these aspirations, the iOS app needed to be deceptively simple, yet utilise powerful features to capture and record objective and subjective data - the latter is coupled with a daily journal to track progress over time.


Ease of use was a fundamental consideration, it needed to remove any barriers to adoption while encouraging the right behaviour for optimal wellbeing. A simplified onboarding flow demonstrated this, leveraging location and context to support data entry. Once registered, the application guides the user through the check-in process, presenting feedback instantly. Native navigation paradigms, alongside interactive elements, would help tell the story behind the data presented. Swift UI would allow us to create a truly immersive experience and utilise the latest technology. Using this as a base allowed us to translate the customised data and provide custom animations. The initial discussions with 360 also brought up the possibility of the integration of further functions in future iterations providing potential health benefits for 360s users. To support this Concentrix Tigerspike needed to level up the application stack to capture richer wellness data and allow users to provide a subjective description of their physical and mental state.


The 360 app is now being utilised in healthcare clinics, by elite professional sport, and with executives in FTSE-100 businesses and now aims to position 360 at the forefront of data-driven health and wellness. Concentrix Tigerspike has brought 360’s proprietary clinical assessment matrix front and centre. This element is unlike most health apps, which give users lag markers on what they have done that day (e.g. sleep, steps and calories), 360 guides them on what they need that day to live their best and protect their wellbeing. This is a paradigm shift for consumers and technology in this space. Wellness and health apply to everyone and can often have a greater impact on those with pre-existing conditions. As such the application supports users of all backgrounds, supporting tap and gesture interactions, accessible colours and copy.


The company is also now developing a 360 Health & Performance certification. This will be for healthcare practitioners of all kinds (GPs, functional medicine, personal trainers, boutique studio owners, mental health coaches, nutritionists, etc) who will learn about digital neuroscience in physical and mental health. Once qualified through 360, they will be able to share the app and its benefits with their clients.

‘The technology was always built to start a conversation, connect people and nudge positive behaviour change. It makes sense for me to ally with healthcare practitioners all over the world who share the same values and want to help their clients at such a challenging time. Together we can make a real difference and empower people to a better life.’

Justin Buckthorp, Founder & CEO of 360