In early 2018, Tigerspike Europe took an action to promote diversity in STEM careers by recognising the achievements of top-performing female students at the University of Westminster. This was done via the Tigerspike Award, a cash fund which in 2019 was shared amongst 9 female students graduating with first-class honours in computer science and software engineering degrees. 

Our European GM, Josh Haagsma, recently got back in touch with some of last year’s winners to see what sort of impact the awards and the cash prize had on them.

He was delighted to discover that both the cash prize and the prestige associated with being a Tigerspike Prize winner had been extremely well received by the 2019 alumni.

All of the winners had proudly featured “Tigerspike Prize Award Winner” as part of their qualifications. During interviews, they were all specifically asked about what it meant, and even more encouragingly, one of the prize winners had even been approached directly purely because of that and has landed herself a position that she’s extremely pleased about.

The associated prize fund is to be spent however the winner sees fit, some of our favourite uses include:

  • as a deposit on a rental property to take up a position
  • training on specialist areas of interest
  • best of all: a nice holiday during a two-week break between positions!

Tigerspike Europe has established its support of female students as a way of encouraging gender diversity in the region. We look forward to announcing the 2020 winners soon and inspiring more to join and consider STEM careers!