Tigerspike recently joined the Concentrix family—an exciting step in our journey. With this announcement, we are now accelerating our mission of improving people’s lives through technology. We are world-renowned for simplifying the complexities of business and delivering on our promise through our People, Practice & Product.

Our knowledge and culture are core to who we are. It’s also how we’ve achieved so much success during our 14 years in business. Upon reaching this exciting milestone, we’re taking a moment to share with you more about our culture and these three key areas of our business. This is how we deliver our customers business value, fast.

Our People

Our people are our change agents.

Our success is attributed directly to the people who come together to solve complex problems for our customers every day. This is why we’re focused on continually improving how we support our people to learn, grow and importantly enjoy the time they spend at work. Work can be fun and a place to grow both personally and professionally.

“We are committed to creating inspiring environments, offering challenging projects and giving people the support and platform to be the very best version of themselves.”

Our unique culture is upheld by the values to which we hold ourselves. These values are what we look for when hiring, giving feedback and, importantly, they resonate with our customers, too. Our values, in no particular order, are: transparency, resilience, problem solving, energy and curiosity.

Our Practice

Catalyst is our problem-solving practice for businesses.

A recent Tigerspike investigation identified over 150 factors that impact the success of digital products. Making assumptions when creating solutions, and not acting to validate them, significantly increases risk. Catalyst was created in response to this. Our problem-solving practice has been refined ever since, building the design mindset and essential methods with some of the most demanding digital projects out there.

How does it work? A Catalyst practice initiates change by first aligning business priorities, targeting the right problem to solve and identifying measurable goals. It then exposes areas requiring validation to create a shared focus for the project team and confidence that the solution will make an intended impact on its audience.

The benefits we’ve seen of employing Catalyst include rapid alignment of all parties, transparency of what we know vs what we don’t, empowerment, prioritisation and speed. Success factors for the project are captured then put into our core product, Intelligence.

Our Product

Intelligence is our platform for making data-driven decisions.

It is reported that 84% of companies fail at digital transformation. If we stop to consider the time and money that are poured into these investments, this is particularly shocking. The fact is that businesses are still struggling to connect data to digital product development. A customer once said to us:

“We’ve got a lot of data: it’s like drinking from a firehose!”

Too much data can be crippling. Too little is not effective. In response to this problem we created Intelligence. With Intelligence we examine only the key success metrics and ensure our delivery teams understand what we’re aiming to deliver for our customers. Surfacing these data points from various systems and bringing them to the fore during delivery ensures everyone understands the “why” of each decision. If a decision does not impact our key success metrics then the team must question the validity of it.

The benefits our customers have seen with Intelligence are simplification of complex data, efficiency within the team and stakeholders, greater insights, focus and, more importantly, being able to track ROI in real-time.

The Tigerspike Way

The winning combination of People, Practice & Product.

This ensures we’re empowered to come to work to make a difference every day. Whether that’s for our customers, each other, or for society as a whole—improving people’s lives through technology is the right thing to do. Software continues to impact society and businesses worldwide, with those who fail to master its impact rapidly drift into obscurity.

We will continue to explore the future, delivering on our promise and making a difference by sharing our knowledge and supporting businesses in The Tigerspike Way. Join us in this journey as part of the Concentrix family. One Team. One Concentrix.

Onwards and upwards.
Alex Burke, Group CEO