Hi, my name is Júnio and I am a Portuguese software engineer. About a year ago, I decided to try my luck and take the leap to the land down under, facing the eye of the Tigerspike. Please ignore any puns and enjoy my story.

Working in Tigerspike Sydney

Coming from Portugal and having previously worked both there and in Japan, I was used to a more traditional work culture with longer hours and a far-from-ideal work-life balance. Well, all that has changed since I landed in Straya and into the arms of Tigerspike.

I’ll be honest: during my first week here (and still within my induction period) all I thought was “don’t these people work down here in Sydney?”. The office seemed half full, I saw people moving in and out of meetings and going outside to have these “walking 1-on-1s” (huh, weirdest thing – I thought). Even a Wi-Fi intervention was scheduled for 6pm, due to the fact there’s not supposed to be anyone in the office by that time. So, compared to the 7pm-ish or later I was used to leaving work, you can see how I was confused.

I started understanding that the culture here empowers everyone to be great, to be the captain of their own ship.

It didn’t take me that long to completely come around. In time I realised that all of the above are just reflections of how well things are managed. Thanks to my first Tech Lead, I started understanding that the culture here empowers everyone to be great, to be the captain of their own ship (he made me watch Inno-Versity Presents: “Greatness” by David Marquet which I can now vouch for).

This in general, leads to very well-organised teams in which everyone knows their part and what needs to be done, so they can instead focus their time on how to do it. This clever organisation leads to very beneficial side-effects: everyone can actively work less time, invest time developing relationships between team members (and office puppies included) and still be more productive by the end of the day. 

Lola, the office puppy

Moving about the world

Now, the advantages of Tigerspike do not stop there, no sir! Since it’s a global business, there are plenty of opportunities to travel for work, which personally I think is awesome. In my short time here there have been two happy coincidences when it comes to secondments. When I first started, I worked on the same project for about eight months. It was pretty settled, with one of our longest-running clients, GrainCorp.

After that, I had an amazing chance to visit and work on a project based in the coveted Japanese office for a few months. Do you happen to remember at the beginning of this post I mentioned that I previously worked in Japan? Guess what: within the huge city of Tokyo, the Tigerspike office was a mere 10-minute walk away from where I used to live, right in an area I knew so well. What are the odds?

The atmosphere at the Australian Open

There’s more, being a keen sports fan I had made arrangements a few months in advance to visit Melbourne for the mythical Australian Open tennis tournament. I bought tickets and sorted everything out and then what do you know, right after the Tokyo project, I was needed down there to work on the 7-Eleven project, covering that exact weekend! What an incredible change of plans.

And the best part is, all the way through these projects I got the chance to develop my skills working on a bunch of modern technologies, meet and learn from many different people, and experience a distinct environment and mindset in each office.

Personal benefits included

Last but not the least, I’ve traveled quite a bit around the world and Australia as a country, seems to emanate a more relaxed vibe than anywhere else. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s quite remote or what, but everything and everyone is just… chill.

As such, if you have a specific personal interest or hobby outside of work, this is also the place to hone it. People are encouraged to take advantage of their personal development budget to get involved in whatever side interest they have. For me, I’m a simple guy who loves to play soccer. I play for Dunbar Rovers, last year we won the Eastern Suburbs main football competition, all kindly ‘Sponsored’ by Tigerspike.

If that’s not what work-life balance looks like, I don’t know what is.

Dunbar Rovers, Eastern Suburbs FA Champions, 2019

In short

All things considered, the distance from home doesn’t feel half as bad when the other side of the world has so much to offer. And I’m grateful to Tigerspike for playing a big part in it.

Junio Silva

Software Engineer,Sydney

Junio Silva

Software Engineer,Sydney