What it does

Aggregates data from multiple sources and simplifies it
to make fast, efficient business decisions to drive improved returns.

Intelligence Suite™

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” — Aristotle


A real-time data visualisation tool. A quick and easy way to build out a dashboard for Senior Management powered by pre-built components.

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Customized Personal Information Display is Tigerspike’s first hardware. An IoT solution that simplifies big data and displays what you ask it to so it's there when you need it.

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The IntelligenceProcess

We blend technology with human expertise. Delivering business value. Fast.

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A suite of benefits

Helping businesses in the new age of digital maximise their potential by:

Increasing probability of success by focusing only on key metrics

Aligning teams to business goals

Creating a common language framework

Driving desired behaviours

Delivering better user experiences

Uncovering new trends

Reducing risk

Building out a long-term digital roadmap

What we can achieve

The experience is everything

A framework that helps create world-class experiences and helps businesses identify the data points that matter.

Risk mitigation

A framework that helps business identify and mitigate against project risks.


Tested and proven components, and repeatable digital product delivery framework.

Faster Time-to-Market

Standard framework, flexible technology and lean delivery helps deliver results fast.

Scalable, High Performance

Cloud hosted, multi tenanted, high availability. scalable.

Reduced cost

10x reduction of cost for configured software and delivery approach.