I’ve always believed that a good manager fosters homegrown talent. Sir Alex Ferguson and his approach to building a team in the early 1990s for Manchester United Football Club has always felt right. Everyone connects in a positive way. The players in the team, the football club and its supporters. It provides the right foundation.

Each year I have held lectures at a local University to speak on all things digital and seek out students who are keen to make the first steps in their career. I’ve only ever had positive things to say of the experience.

I find I am constantly reminding my global team to seek out young talent – it’s easy to assume inexperienced people can’t make the step up. It is an important part of building a great team. The balance is key and provides a great platform for your more senior management to learn how to manage, support and mentor. Whilst throwing younger people into the deep end has backfired on me quite a few times, I like to think the people I have entrusted have continued to excel in their career. I too started as an intern for MTV in London and was given an opportunity to step up early on. That experience was invaluable for me personally.

This week, Tigerspike announced a partnership with RMIT and Apple.

Representatives from Tigerspike including Mark Oliver, Managing Director of APAC & Richie Shilton, Associate Software Engineer (pictured) were in attendance to speak more on the importance of the partnership.

The purpose, to help students bridge the gap from higher education to the real world of business. As an industry partner, we will invest time supporting the program and acting as a mentor.

I can only think of positive outcomes from this partnership. Great for the students to get real-world experiences. Great for the team guiding and mentoring.

I’m hoping more Universities globally will take RMIT’s and Apple’s initiative.

Onwards and upwards.
Alex Burke, Group CEO