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This brief video will help you understand Success Factors and Success Metrics and why they are important. Then we’ll help you identify your Success Factors and Success Metrics

Stage 1

Identify your Success Factors

Trying to improve your product without knowing what you want to achieve is like setting off towards a destination without knowing how to get there. Think of a Success Factor as where you want to get to. To define your Success Factor, start by asking yourself:
  • What do we want to achieve?
  • What are our aims for this product?
  • What constitutes success?
 As you work through these questions, you’ll start to get a detailed picture of what you want to achieve.

Stage 2

Define your Success Metrics

Once you have defined what you want to achieve, it's time to think about how to get there? What will help you achieve this success? A Success Metric is how you measure progress towards your Success Factor. The Success Metrics for your product:
  • Needs to be quantifiable,
  • Needs to show you are moving in the right direction (or not)

Stage 3

Measure, monitor and move

And as with the journey, if you end up down a one-way street or heading in the wrong direction, you stop, work out where you are and adjust your route to get back on track. By assessing where you are and adjusting your Success Metrics, you’ll start heading in the right direction again – towards achieving your Success Factor.

Stage 4

Gather more information

If you come across unexpected issues, you might need to use another Success Metric to measure progress, like turning on the radio to get traffic updates. Add another metric that’s relevant to your Success Factor and start measuring it so that you can monitor your product’s progress. Gather data on Success Metrics — assess your position — make adjustments — gather data — until you reach your goals.

Stage 5

The next level of success

When you reach the aim, you may want to make changes to your product to take it to the next level – by changing your offering, increasing your reach or functionality. You might state a new aim to improve on what you were doing already, or something completely different. Whatever your new goal, go back to stage 1 and define your new Success Factor. And repeat! Intelligence allows you to keep adding Success Factors and Success Metrics so that you can continually monitor your product’s performance and make data-driven decisions to achieve your aims. If you need any help working with Success Factors and Success Metrics feel free to email us: