We’re excited to share what happened at the Digital Design for Fashion Tech meetup on 20th September 2017 at Tigerspike London. The meetup was hosted by Tigerspike, in collaboration with Fashion Tech Global.

We had three interesting talks followed by an even more creatively and intellectually stimulating conversation; we would like to thank our enthusiastic audience for participating.

Sang Valte, our UX Director at Tigerspike London, spoke about the importance of focusing on success when designing.

Sang took us through a brief history of contemporary design. He then implored designers to begin their design process by asking “Why”. The audience nodded in agreement as he prodded them to always ask: “Why is the project important to the organisation?”, and to focus on delivering the value it needs to further the mission of the organisation.

Sharing Tigerspike’s secret component with the audience, Sang demonstrated how Tigerspike delivers business value by focusing on:

1. Success factors for our clients, and
2. On the success of our counterparts

Sang concluded his talk by bringing home how Tigerspike conversations are driven by delivering value, and not features.

Our second speaker was Sophia Matveeva, CEO of Style Counsel.

Sophia walked us through their journey of concept creation to the launch of Style Counsel. This is an app that allows users to post their outfit or clothing item for feedback from a friendly female community including fashion bloggers.

Sophia touched upon the different behaviours of different genders, how the features in the app are influenced by the community and most importantly how the app tries to be present at the decision point of users.

Lastly, Aoife McLarnon and Carl Williams from YOOX Net A Porter introduced us to their journey of designing for multiple brands across many devices. Aoife and Carl stressed the challenge of working with multiple stakeholders, cross-discipline and adopting new tools and processes.

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