Our People are our culture and a huge part of what makes us unique” - Tigerspike

My own Candidate Experience

I started with Tigerspike 5 months ago and was brought on to help out with all hiring within the Australian business and wider APAC region. My journey started with a call from the APAC Talent and HR Manager.

From the start she was so kind, accommodating, easy to talk to. She was also very informative and allowed me to ask lots of questions to ensure I had all the information to make the right decision. Many employers forget that the interview experience is so important for the candidate to decide whether they like the company, their people, their processes and culture.

Throughout the interview process, I was contacted every 3 days to ensure I knew that I was still being considered and that my application was progressing. I was really impressed with the communication and transparency.

Luckily after a few weeks, I was offered the role of Talent Acquisition Manager! Fast forward one week and I was starting my first day at Tigerspike!

The onboarding process was very smooth and throughout my first week, I was able to meet everyone in the local office. This was set up through meet and greets, coffee catch-ups with relevant people I would be working with, plus being involved in group activities like a free Friday lunch. This experience was all very new to me, having only worked in businesses that just wanted people to turn up and get on with their job.

Over the past 5 months, I  found myself getting up early and being excited to go to work because I really enjoy the people I work with at Tigerspike. I feel valued and am able to witness the positive impact my work has on the business. So this made me reflect on some of the things that have contributed to my positive first few months at Tigerspike.

Aline and Miranda at the HR/L&D Innovation & Tech Fest

The amazing perks that Tigerspike offers

  • Flexible working hours allow me to be able to not stress about getting personal things done before and after work
  • Unlimited work from home has meant that I have been able to spend more time at home looking after my dog. When I first got my dog just a few weeks after joining Tigerspike, my team suggested that I work from home the whole week so I could bond with her!
  • Generous annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, parental leave – I have had to look after my parents due to health reasons. Tigerspike has been so good with letting me take the time off to care for them. It has helped me a lot and it shows how much the company understands the importance of family.
  • Personal training and development budgets to spend every year – I have already been lucky enough to go to the Tech and HR conference within my first 2 weeks of work and look forward to what else I can put this towards!
  • Money to put towards a hobby or interest outside of work – I am really wanting to learn Japanese for my trip next year so this allowance will cover my Japanese lessons – Arigatōgozaimashita
  • Fitness and wellbeing – free fitness Bootcamp, weekly sports sessions, planks in the office and meditation. I love getting involved in all of these activities as it is a great way to stay fit and healthy physically and mentally.
  • Duvet days – I took one last week to take a bit off time off from a very busy week of work, it was so nice to know that I could use this day for well-being and rest without it coming out of my annual leave or sick leave
  • Free lunch, drinks, and quizzes every Friday – the Quiz every Friday is a really fun way to end the week while catching up with colleagues over a drink! 
  • Options to work in different offices in Australia and globally

Extra Benefits of working for Tigerspike

  • The high level of trust the company has for its employees
  • Witnessing how much everyone else loves working here and how willing they are to get involved in other work activities outside of their normal job
  • Flat management structure means that every person’s voice is heard
  • Tigerspike’s client approach is professional, personable, understanding and empathetic
  • The satisfaction of clients shows that we are providing services that reflect our values and that it is not just the journey of the employees that is important but also the journey and experience that the client has while working with us

Rocio and Miranda at the office

“Our values reflect who we are and the way that we work, our culture is what makes us unique” - Tigerspike

I could go on forever as to why my journey at Tigerspike has been so great! It is one of the few companies that has really shown that they genuinely care about their employees and the journey they go on while working here by understanding the importance of how it impacts the employee’s work, enjoyment, and dedication to their job.

I am really happy that I have been able to share this amazing experience with you all and I am even more excited to hire more candidates to help grow the business and to go on this journey with me!

Miranda Rutherford

Talent Acquisition Manager,Sydney

Miranda Rutherford

Talent Acquisition Manager,Sydney

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