Tigerspike’s Dubai GM, Ronan Donohoe, reflects on the last 4 years helping Emirates with their digital journey.

I have been running the Tigerspike Dubai office for four years now and have been delighted to be part of the Emirates digital journey that has been evolving. Tigerspike is proud to have renewed our global partnership with Emirates Airline.

This confidence in Tigerspike’s digital strategy and delivery capability ensures high-end digital products for Emirates Airline’s customers into 2017 and beyond.

Emirates Airline and Tigerspike have been working together in partnership for over four years and this commitment reflects the hard work of many people working within each organisation.

The travel industry globally is undergoing changes and Tigerspike is leading digital travel.

Tigerspike’s Dubai office is working across the region helping businesses like Emirates navigate the digital landscape. We often call in the expertise of the Tigerspike global offices, with people from eight offices involved. We just need to get our Japan office involved and we will have covered the full set!

With the Dubai 2020 Expo coming up and Dubai Tourism target of reaching the 20 million visitor mark per year, we are evolving to deliver the best experience possible to Emirates’ customers.

Words: Ronan Donohoe

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