Our Indian journey started in October last year, supported by our Concentrix family—who runs a very successful business for both international and domestic customers in the market.

We observed in our initial discussions that price remains key in any business negotiation in India. It is part of the fabric of the culture. In a meeting with the CIO of a leading Indian MNC manufacturer, headquartered in Mumbai, he stated, “if you can’t compete on price you shouldn’t attempt anything in the market”.

We then went on to our explain our business, our approach and our point of difference to digital players like Accenture, TCS and other traditional System Integrators. Importantly, delivering value fast.

The CIO stopped and exclaimed…

“You guys have the Spice… (he paused), now make sure you deliver on the promise of Price!”

Catalyst for Change in India

The Indian market has been famed for cost-effective technical delivery, often preferred as an offshore option for many businesses around the world.

The Tigerspike Way is very different. We typically promote small multi-disciplined teams, working onshore, in close collaboration with our customers. Business challenges are often complex and we have always felt that this close collaboration enables us to work faster and deliver higher quality outcomes.

We have observed that the Indian market is starting to change. Technology decisions are starting to elevate to the broader business executive with data metrics and business outcomes becoming more of a primary focus. And a research-led approach with a focus on the User is understood to be the enabler in creating the very best digital Experience for customers and employees.

This is creating a need for businesses like Tigerspike who live and breathe this approach.

Next stop, Mumbai

Tigerspike this week opened an office in India for India and are commencing with our first engagement with a leading bank in India.

Our problem-solving practice for business will bring a global perspective, mixed with local talent who will be on-boarded, up-skilled and trained through the Tigerspike Academy. A very important mix to deliver on our promise.

Tigerspike will be building a team in India for India characterized by:

  • Multi-disciplined teams from design, UX through to Engineering, Systems Integration
  • Close collaboration with customers / on-shore
  • Complex problem solving and delivery
  • Data-driven mindset
  • And a belief that the Experience is Everything

Step by step our launch and learn approach delivers outcomes such as improved productivity, efficiency and engagement. Importantly, delivering value fast.

Onwards and upwards.
Alex Burke, Group CEO

Interested in joining us on this journey in India? Please feel free to connect.